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There’s no “i” in team, but there may be the sharpened end of an axe! If you’re looking for a challenge that combines fun, games and a great team building experience, look no further than Axe Escape. Axe Throwing is where team building team truly comes together. It’s team building on terms like you’ve never seen it before. Bring your whole office or class and see why axe throwing is quickly becoming the go-to team building experience in USA!

Team Building Event

Team Building Activities: Why Axe Throwing?

Axe throwing is quickly becoming the company choice for team building in Austin, Tx. You and your team may get along well and you may have worked together for years, but axe throwing brings a whole new level of cooperation! We provide all the tools including the axes and targets and a full indoor bar stocked with food and drinks. If you need team building events that are designed to improve collaboration and cooperation in a way that goes beyond your typical support programs. Whether you’re looking for ways to encourage building team morale or classes to help break the ice, axe throwing challenges you to combine form and function into one fun, energetic and heart-pounding experience.

Team Building Events: Like No Other!

Browse our site to see what the local press has to say as well as reviews from corporations, small businesses and other groups who have hosted private, interactive leadership building events with us. Not all team building activities encourage drinking, but at Axe Escape, you can enjoy the best of all possible worlds along with great camaraderie. The best venues in Austin, Tx for team building offer high quality experiences that center on complete customer satisfaction. View the many reviews and testimonials to see how your team could view the experience here at Axe Escape. We set expectations high and then aim to beat them with the very best in axe throwing. The experiences you’ll have together are too numerous to list, but once you’ve tried your hand at axe throwing, don’t be surprised if your employees ask to come back. It’s that fun!
Forget about ice breakers like scavenger hunts on a map or other “been there, done that” boring team events. Sign up for something that truly encourages people to work together to complete an objective. You’ll be surprised at how people come together for something as simple yet as fun as axe throwing!
Even if neither you nor your coworkers have ever picked up an axe in your life, we’ll show you exactly how to get started! Our axe throwing pros will teach you the proper techniques for axe throwing and before you know it, you’ll be landing bulls-eyes on the targets like you’ve been throwing axes your whole life!

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